The Customer

Refined Sight is a full-service production company based in New York offering clients a variety of customized solutions for print and design. The company offers both short-run digital and large format printing and also offers professional art direction, consultation for more complex projects.

The Business Challenge

The W Hotel global luxury lifestyle brand evokes sophistication and chic modernism. When it comes to keeping its look fresh, W Hotel clearly likes to be on the cutting edge and to make a bold statement. In its 25 properties located in some of the most exciting destinations around the world, the W hotels make a unique first impression in their lobbies using vibrant and creative graphic displays.

All of the 25 W locations refresh their hotel lobby graphics on display in the hotel lobbies on a seasonal basis (four times a year). The W wanted to take advantage of a recently acquired, new hardware system to show images in their lob
bies. This display hardware allows the W to display a single, 56 square foot image.
Recently, the W Hotel turned to NYC-based Refined Sight for a fresh look for its lobbies.
Refined Sight, which has worked with the W before to produce inkjet graphics for its lobby display, sold the upscale, cutting edge hotel chain on its capabilities to produce lenticular printed graphics as a way to inject further excitement in its lobbies.
The Solution

Refined Sight was contracted to create and produce a unique lenticular print measuring 8 feet wide by 7 feet high for the summer campaign. The image was tiled onto 56 different - 1 foot, square pieces. This one lenticular image, with its 56 components would be displayed at 25 W hotels worldwide.

For this project, Refined Sight produced a unique image of a woman in a dress diving into water. The image was shot from underwater and as you view the image from different angles, the color on the dress changes, bubbles appear and a transparent W is revealed. The company also produced a special backlight image of a goldfish bowl to accompany the lenticular display.

Refined Sight used HumanEyes lenticular workflow software to create the lenticular special effects and printed the pieces in-house on an HP z6100 flatbed printer and new Pacur Lenstar 40 lpi lenticular lens line.

“The lenticular installation was a complex job with many components. It took about a month to create and produce and the effect was stunning,” says Robert Baumeister, owner of Refined Sight.

The Results

“The W was so thrilled with the results that we were commissioned to create and produce another lenticular piece for the fall.”

The subject of the fall W Hotel lenticular display is Japanese origami. As the origami unfolds into different views, its colors transform and the origami becomes a large W. “This second project was again very 

detailed but we were able to produce this piece much quicker having perfected some of the processes and the flatbed workflow gleaned from the first W job,” says Baumeister. “The overall effect of both lenticular pieces was overwhelmingly positive and memorable. We really hit the mark in terms of quality and impact for the W through lenticular.”