The Customer: WE R.Signs

We R.Signs is one of the largest sign manufacturing holdings, combining several lines of business, including outdoor and indoor sign production, wide format printing, 3D creations, POS, sales materials and equipment for sign manufacturers.

The company’s production facilities in Moscow occupy more than 10,000 square meters, divided into key departments such as Printing, meta works, assembling, painting and molding, a neon factory, and other divisions that produce the many unique outdoor and indoor objects that grace casinos, entertainment areas, retail centers and movie theatres.

The Business Challenge: BBDO “Glamour Magazine” Campaign

We R.Signs had to collaborate with the Russian office of BBDO on a national outdoor advertising campaign for ‘’Glamour’’, a ladies’ magazine. The campaign would be focused on transportation outlets.

‘’Glamour requested something new in outdoor advertising, something with appealing effect, that would get noticed and viewed by people while they were walking or driving’’ says Alexander Le-van, We R.Signs’ Marketing Manager at the wide-format printing department.

The Solution: Lenticular Flip

The solution designed was something that was never seen before! Thanks to HumanEyes Studio3D software, We R.Signs and BBDO Russia designed a flip effect with three young women’s faces.

The campaign featured an astonishing 690x900 cm 10 LPI lenticular image. faces changing while the trolleybus was moving.

A special adhesive from 3M ESPE was used in order not to drill into buses’ side panels.

The animations were installed on trolleybuses on several Moscow routes for 3 months, and passers-by could see the three Glamour girls’.

The Results: ‘’Incredible’’

"Our customer was dumbstruck by the result and it was really amazing to observe passers-by’s surprise and wonder", says Alexander Le-van.
"It wasn’t our first collaboration with BBDO Russia, but since then, we’ve extended our relationships with them. Industry’s feedbacks were also fabulous and we anticipate a great future for our lenticular activities. HumanEyes3D is incredible and has fantastic potential. If you are serious about having a lenticular 3D business, then HumanEyes3D is the solution."