HumanEyes Graphic Arts applications provide a complete end-to-end workflow solution from content creation to finished production of printed lenticular projects. Lenticular printing at a level of productivity and ease of use never experienced before.

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Lenticular PrePress & Interlace

Prepare your project for lenticular printing and interlace it  

  • Lenticular marking tools
  • Step & repeat
  • Interlace engine &  tiling
  • HumanEyes LensFree

Producer3D is a bundle of Producer3D, Creative3D and Capture3D 

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Platform: MAC | Windows

Lenticular Content Creation

Take any image and customize it with
lenticular effects: 3D, Flip, Motion and more...

  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Animation: flip, motion, zoom, morph, etc
  • Layering & in-painting tool
  • 3D Preview
  • Photographic engine for 3D content creation
Price: $299
Platform: MAC

Online lenticular printing service

An online digital printing service for 3D and animated projects

  • Upload your design
  • Preview your 3D or animated project
  • Order any size and any quantity
  • Ships worldwide
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Printed Lenticular Samples

Sample kit contains an assortment of printed lenticular samples, 
brochures and 60-day fully functional trial edition of Creative3D software.

Price: $50