About Us

HumanEyes Graphic Arts provides a complete, end-to-end solution for creation , display and printing of  projects with 3D and animation effects, also known as lenticular printing.  Our software is used by  photographers, graphic artists and printers. HumanEyes Technologies applies its vast experience and knowledge in the lenticular printing and offers software solutions that greatly enhances creativity and productivity. We also offer customized software solutions for companies large and small. HumanEyes Technologies has leveraged its extensive patent base and its expertise to become the global market leader in the lenticular printing software segment. Among the company’s partners are companies such as Kodak, HP, Oce and Fuji Film. 

The Invention

HumanEyes solutions were created as a result of a technological breakthrough by Professor Shmuel Peleg, a world renowned figure in Computer Vision and two members of his team, Dr. Moshe Ben-Ezra and Ms. Yael Pritch, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University, Israel. The original invention accomplished what had been thought impossible: the combination of 3D stereo and panorama. The HumanEyes technology uses mathematical algorithms to create unique projections and reconstruct multiple viewpoints which create the effect of viewing a scene from different directions. The technology is suitable for creating 3D images for print and for presentation on electronic displays / monitors.

Our team

HumanEyes Graphic Arts is driven by a strong and diversified pool of talent, with worldwide expertise in computer graphics, computer vision,  photography  and print. Our professional services team gets our customers up and running – quickly and easily.  With offices in the US, Japan and Europe, we are providing worldwide sales, training and support .

Yahav Yaniv

VP Operations

Has been working at HumanEyes since company's inception.

Yahav has vast experience in the following field:  Lenticular  printing, quality assurance, delivery, support , customer relations and operational management.

Jeff Miller

Director of Sales , USA

Jeff joined HumanEyes in 2006, 
as the Director of Sales, for the Americas. He  has supported the photographic and graphic arts markets for over 30 years. Throughout his career, Jeff has supported and consulted for a diverse body of international clients that includes government agencies, commercial printers, photo labs, artists, designers, photographers, ad agencies, universities, and Fortune 50 to 500 companies. 

Ben Denon

Solution Expert

Ben Denon has been an application engineer and trainer with HumanEyes since 2002. He’s been a part of the printing industry for the last 25 years as a designer for newspapers and magazines. He was the designer of “Ofek Air" aerial photography company for 5 years

Eugene Levit

Solution Expert

Eugene graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, specializing in Photography. Joining HumanEyes in 2007 as an Application Engineer and as a 3D Photographer, he spends the rest of his time adventuring the cliffs and the clefts on his mountain bike.  He has his studio in the office with all the coolest equipment.